Changing Strata Managers In Geelong

Changing Strata Managers in Geelong

Changing Strata Managers In Geelong

Within the Geelong property market, owners corporations often find themselves considering a change in strata management. This decision typically arises from a confluence of factors. Through our conversations with property owners, several key themes have emerged.  These include concerns surrounding communication, a lack of transparency in operations, unaddressed tasks or works within the building’s common property, and, increasingly, the physical location of the strata management service provider and how easy it is to actually speak to their manager.

Our experience with owners corporations in Geelong demonstrates that members build strong relationships with their dedicated property managers. These managers possess a thorough understanding of the property layout, service and infrastructure locations throughout the common areas, and other intricate details of the building such as preferred service providers and maintenance schedules etc , having this knowledge saves time when understanding the needs of members of the owners corporation. 

To initiate the process of changing owners corporation managers in Geelong, the first step is to obtain a copy of your current management contract. This agreement, signed between the owners corporation and the current management company, outlines the terms and conditions of their service, including the specific procedures for termination. Your current manager is legally obligated to provide you with a copy of the contract upon request.

By following these steps, you can initiate the process of changing owners corporation managers in Geelong while remaining compliant with the existing agreement.

Frustrated with your current strata management in Geelong? Changing providers might be easier than you think.

Many lot owners believe that changing strata managers in Geelong is a complex and time-consuming process. However, at Geelong Strata, we’re here to make the transition seamless and stress-free for you and your owners corporation.

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