Changing Strata Management

Transform your strata experience, by changing to Geelong Strata.
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Changing strata management presents an opportunity to significantly improve your service quality, introducing superior management solutions for more efficient operations. This transformation will revitalise how your strata operates, ensuring it not only functions smoothly but also with less stress for owners.

Better Interactions in Your Owners Corporation

At Geelong Strata, we are passionately committed to delivering the highest standards of service and fostering clear, effective communication and timely and transparent responses with all owners and members. 

We understand the importance of being heard and valued, and we strive to create a collaborative environment where your concerns and ideas are actively listened to and addressed.


Smooth and Stable Strata Management Transitions

Transitioning to a new strata management team is streamlined and hassle-free, ensuring continuity and stability for your property. Geelong Strata’s methodical approach carefully minimises any disruptions, maintaining the integrity and rhythm of your property’s day-to-day operations, seamlessly integrating our expertise for an effortless transition.

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Geelong Strata has been very helpful in all of my dealings with them. Prompt, efficient, approachable and knowledgeable in what has to be a very demanding and challenging role!

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The Seamless Process of Changing Strata Management

Initial Assessment and Planning

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of the current strata management situation.
  • Identifying the specific needs and goals of the property and its owners.
  • Creating a tailored transition plan to switch to new strata management.

Transition Process

  • Facilitating the handover of all necessary documents and records from the previous management.
  • Integrating new management practices and systems seamlessly into the property’s operations.
  • Coordinating with stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of services and responsibilities.

Post-Transition Support and Optimisation

  • Providing ongoing support to address any questions or concerns post-transition.
  • Monitoring the new management systems and processes to ensure they meet the property’s needs.
  • Offering continuous improvements and recommendations to enhance property management.
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Solve your management woes sooner rather than later, by changing strata management