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Strata development consultancy is about getting it right from the start
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Enhance your strata's potential with strategic planning advice with strata development consultancy, tailored to unique challenges and your objectives. We will help you navigate complex strata matters effectively, ensuring informed strata management from pre-planning developments to post-construction occupation.

Strata Consulting: Guiding Your Project From Concept to Reality

Navigate Strata Development with Confidence: From Scoping to completion. Our comprehensive strata consultant service streamlines the entire development process, ensuring a smooth transition from initial planning to your first Annual General Meeting. 

Geelong Strata caters to residential,commercial and expansive mixed-use projects, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, regardless of scale. We alleviate the burden of complex strata management tasks, saving you valuable time and minimising stress throughout the journey.


Turn Visions into Reality, Clarity With Process

Rely on our proven processes and strategies in strata consulting to guide you from the initial vision to the successful completion of your strata development. Geelong Strata ensures effective communication and clarity throughout the entire setup and management process, keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Let us take the stress out of your next project, making the process seamless and hassle-free, allowing you more relaxation time.

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Geelong Strata gave such great service, so prompt and clear with all communication. Would highly recommend!

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Your Guide to Strata Management, From Planning to Execution

Committee Guidance and Management Change:

  • Assisting Committees in navigating the process of changing strata management companies.
  • Providing expert advice on rules and regulations related to management changes.
  • Helping Committees evaluate and select the most suitable strata management company.

Builder and Developer Collaboration:

  • Working with Builders and Developers in setting up budgets and drafting Owners Corporations (OC) rules.
  • Collaborating from project inception to build completion and settlement.
  • Establishing new Owners Corporations with comprehensive planning and support.

Strata Consulting for Developers:

  • Offering practical advice on legislative, operational, and financial aspects of different schemes.
  • Planning and structuring complex arrangements including building management committees and community strata schemes.
  • Reviewing and advising on draft by-laws for practicality and future dispute minimsation.
  • Providing substantiated budgets and estimations for levies to aid property sales and marketing.
  • Guiding the documentation process for strata plan registration, including certifications, manuals, warranties, and maintenance schedules.
  • Managing master-planned communities with a deep understanding of community title and complex overlapping titling structures.
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Don't risk owners corporation non-compliance, let our strata consultant ensure your rules are up to standard