Strata Manager or Property Manager, whats the difference?

Distinguishing between Strata Managers and Property Managers in Geelong like any other location is crucial, as their areas of expertise differ significantly. Property Managers serve individual property owners, handling tasks such as rent collection, tenant communication, and property inspections to maintain the individuals property’s condition.

In contrast, Strata Managers oversee entire property blocks, typically apartment buildings/units or townhouses or commercial/industrial blocks. Their responsibilities encompass ensuring legal and insurance adherence, managing property maintenance, and maintaining the Owners Corporation’s administrative accuracy within the strata complex. They also serve as a point of contact for residents, addressing disputes and concerns relative to the owners corporation.

To further clarify the Strata Manager’s role, we can categorize their core property management functions:

Owners Corporation Administration

A strata managers responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Manages all building-related correspondence: This includes handling inquiries from residents (tenants and owners) and external parties (information requests from potential buyers).

Oversees the maintenance of common areas: Ensures the upkeep of shared property, including tasks like arranging pool cleaning, identifying lift repairs or replacements, and coordinating building repainting projects.

Facilitates communication with residents: Communicates effectively with lot owners and tenants by distributing notices regarding Owners Corporation meetings, circulars, and levies for maintenance contributions.

Manages property insurance:  A strata manager lodges the insurance claims for the owners corporation and monitors the progress of all claims related to the building. Your strata manager will also assist in providing certificates for insurance.

Maintains comprehensive records: Ensures meticulous record-keeping, including:

  • A database of owners’ names and contact information.
  • Detailed logs of all maintenance work performed on the property.
  • A chronologically documented history of significant events pertaining to the building.
  • Maintaining records and documentation for prescribed periods. 
  • Maintain records of all correspondence 
  • Update information regarding owners / new owners as required. 
  • So much more….. 


Strata Managers are also responsible for many financial considerations within the owners corporation. These considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing budgets that will be sent to the Owner’s Corporation or Committee for approval. This would include consideration of  include factoring in major works that need to be done to the building.
  • Monitoring all invoices received for efficient payment. 
  • Ensuring that all amounts of funds owing and owed to the owners corporation are paid on time, this includes payment of owners corporation fees by owners form each lot.
  • Ensuring that proper, adequate and competitive policies are taken on and kept in a current state


Your strata manager is often called upon by members of the owners corporation to play a roll in concerns of the members/owners. This can vary depending on the type of strata complex but often we as strata managers to assist with:
  • Enforcement of the owners corporation & model rules around the common property, and make clear to all residents what those rules are. 
  • Mediating disputes between owners on behalf of the strata management.
  • Enforcing certain laws that apply to owners within the properties themselves. For example, pet ownership is a common issue that Strata Managers need to tackle. This could either involve individuals owning pets without permission, or having pets infringe on the neighbour’s’ right to quiet enjoyment.
  • Assist the Owners Corporation with the Amendment of by-laws where necessary for the good of the Owner’s Corporation.
  • Organises owners corporation information events, social occasions, and listens to feedback from residents on what they’d like to see happen to the property. For example, a good Strata Manager would be the one to listen to owners concerns and ideas as to make the living with the owners corporation a better experience for all. 
 The roles, duties, and responsibilities of Strata Managers are so incredibly different to that of a property manager, and being a strata manager is becoming increasingly intricate as time progresses. This complexity stems in part from the expanding scope of low,medium & high-density residential buildings. 

In Geelong now strata managers now need to address a wider range of features making their way into contemporary building projects like the projects being constructed in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast, some of which were previously uncommon. 

These features can vary significantly in complexity, encompassing everything from the relatively straightforward, like incorporating gyms or parcel delivery areas in new apartment buildings, to the highly intricate, such as managing buildings with commercial zoning on the lower floors and multi level residential above. 

As a result, the Strata Manager’s role is always expanding to encompass the evolving demands of strata management and providing professional strata management to a growing fast Greater Geelong and Surrounds.
If you would like any further information on Strata Management inany of our service areas please feel free to contact us at anytime. 
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